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Idk if your background looks like this for you but all you have to do is change the image position and it shouldn’t do the white at the top. I like the background though. Not a lot of people do gradient backgrounds so it’s different. Your profile content though literally makes me envision how Cameron would have his rp.me profile. I feel like there should be more in your about me though :( it’s negative and you seem like a funny person so I doubt I’d dislike you tbh. In other words I would think it was a lie by how much I laughed simply at the pixel bubble on your pro. I like your profile over all though and there’s nothing you should fix besides your background image.

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Yet, another profile I wish was a little more customized.I like the font in your extended network banner I just think it would look better without the outer glow on it. All the gifs on your profile are adorable though. It’s set up neatly and it’s all organized and not all over the place. So that really makes up for anything I don’t particularly like about it :)

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its been a while since we profile judged. so send in your id’s. were going to be different about them. not the typical screen shot with a gif kind of thing. no offense to the people that are doing it. i just can’t pull it off. 


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can you judge trevor rumor's profile?? :-) — Anonymous

If trevor wants me to I will. All he has to do is send me his friend ID

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I think I just absolutely love your profile? The background is beautiful, I love the way your about me is set up, and holy shit that gif in your interest section is hot as hell. You just have everything perfectly done and I’m just giving your profile hxc heart eyes right now.

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I think the only thing I really like here is your background. I’ve said it before but I don’t like rounded corners on friends pictures. It really does look tacky. I don’t normally complain about defaults but I don’t like the way yours is edited and It’s bugging me how small it looks. I think I would like your interest section better if it was even with where your comment stopped. Which is where it says the displaying 0 of 0 comments because you don’t have any on your page.

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Your layout is simple but I like it. Maybe hide your contact table? I feel like that’s useless since all your messaging links and such are in the user links up in your navigation. I think you could make the pictures in your interest bigger so they fill the boxes. I like the font in your extended network banner and then again I don’t. It’s a love hate thing. It’s different though and that’s always nice! Over all I like your profile :)

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I like your layout! I just wish it was more personalized and not straight like you got it off the site it came from. Idk I like people who personalize their layouts but if you’re to lazy to do it then it’s totally understanding. I would just change up the colors maybe :) The gifs in your about me are adorable. Your profile seems well organized and set up neatly. I would just make your navigation links a little darker in color. They were a lil hard to read tbh xD or maybe I’m just blind.

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